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Bricks-Stock - one platform - endless possibilities
Bricks-Stock is your tool to organize your LEGO collection or inventory and synchronize it with marketplaces.
  • Inventory
  • Warehouse management
  • Marketplaces
  • Order processing
  • Shipment
  • Teamwork
  • Invoice to customer
  • Accounting
  • Private and business
  • Browser based - runs on any device
  • No installation - always up to date
  • Multilingual
Store and organize
Do you know the questions too? Where is that part? Where do I still have room for the parts? Where are my empty seats? If you struggle with these or similar questions, then Bricks-Stock has the right answers for you.
  • Definition of storage locations
  • Automatic allocation of places
  • No similar colors in the same space
  • No similar parts in the same space
  • Check utilization
  • Sort list by storage location
  • Design according to your wishes
Price of your parts
The prices of LEGO items on the marketplaces change almost hourly. You can't keep up with updating and are selling items too cheaply or not at all because they are too expensive? Then let Bricks-Stock do the tasks.
  • Current prices of the marketplaces
  • Automatic price adjustments
  • Definition of your sales prices
  • Discounts on hard-to-sell parts
  • Bulk prices
  • Statistics of your sales prices
Would you like to build other sets/figures from your parts? Would you like to put together sets and minifigures based on your inventory? Do you sell new parts from sets? Then you are right here.
  • Complete sets/minifigures from your inventory
  • Display of missing quantities
  • Creating wish lists
  • Store parts from new sets
Do you sell your LEGO items on different marketplaces? Do you always have a PC running for synchronization? Or do you copy your inventory back and forth manually? You can save yourself the time and uncertainty.
  • 24/7 synchronization
  • Your device may be turned off
  • Lot sale via your inventory on Ebay
  • Status change orders
  • Comparison of your inventory
Are you working alone today, but would like to work with other people? You don't know how you can work together as a team on the same inventory? We share our years of experience with you.
  • Teamwork
  • Own usernames
  • Admin and user roles
  • Working simultaneously
  • Counting from home / home office
  • Modern work in a modern world
Shipping is annoying and time-consuming? Copy addresses, buy shipping labels, print shipping labels. Too complicated to let your team do it? Let Bricks-Stock do it.
  • Selection of possible shipping methods
  • Interface to shipping service providers
  • DHL, Deutsche Post, Bulgarian Post
  • More interfaces are coming - your ideas?
  • Print shipping labels directly
  • Recording shipping costs for the order
  • Evaluation of your shipping methods
  • Selection of possible packaging sizes
  • Inventory maintenance of your packaging
  • Send tracking number to marketplace
Great, bills still have to be written. And then it also has to be suitable for your tax office? And where do you get all the data like address and item? Bricks-Stock will have your invoice ready before you have completed the order.
  • Accurate commercial invoices
  • Declaration of the tax
  • European Resale Law
  • B2B invoices
  • Import received payments (paypal, stripe)
  • Cancellation of orders
  • Send by email to your customers
Evaluations and export
There are many reasons to evaluate and export. Bricks-Stock makes your life as easy as possible.
  • Sales figures
  • Inventory
  • Sales prices
  • Working hours
  • Monthly closing
Was hast du für Ideen?
At Bricks-Stock, we know that every person has a different work style and needs. Share your ideas with us and others. If others also think your idea is great, then we at Bricks-Stock will simply implement it. After all, Bricks-Stock is supposed to be fun for you.
  • Do you have an idea? Then take a look here: Ideas
  • You have a question? Maybe you'll already find your answer: FAQ
  • Would you like to contact us? Very gladly: Contact us
When does it start?
We still have a few tasks to complete before Bricks-Stock launches. We programmed and used everything presented for our time as a LEGO dealer. Now we design Bricks-Stock for you.
  • Official start: 3/1/2025 12:00 AM MEZ
  • Countdown (D:h:m:s):
  • 15 years of experience are redesigned
  • Modern and safe technology
  • Flexible and responsive to your ideas
  • Das Team von Bricks-Stock freut sich auf dich
Would you like to start earlier?
Great, we're really happy about that. We thought about having a beta program beforehand. You can easily register for this.
  • Official start: 8/1/2024 12:00 AM MEZ
  • Countdown (D:h:m:s):
  • Conquer the market for yourself
  • Many functions already included
  • Functions are gradually being added
  • Your feedback is very important to us
  • Registriere dich schon heute: Beta program
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